Why these references to Ancient Egypt?

We entered the third millenium of a spiritual reality that will soon surpass everything we imagined.


Ancient Egyptians went beyond the simple duality body/soul. After passing away the individual could hope to live a posthumous life. There is no room here for further details but it is interesting to note a parallel between the psychic with his link to the deceased and the main Egyptian religious concepts.


What the ancient Egyptians named Ka, (life-force, vital energy and spiritual alter ego born at the same time as the body) survives in the grave beyond death thanks to funeral rites and offerings.


The Ba is a spiritual component of gods and men. Do note that ka and ba do not possess equivalents in contemporary European languages. However, this concept is usually translated with the word ”soul”.


Ba is a representation of a displacement energy, an energy of dialogue and transformation.


After death, this ability to manifest itself helps the deceased Egyptian establish a contact with the invisible world of the gods and ancestors to which he now belongs. He still remains connected, however, to the world of the humans he left.


We believe that ancient Egyptian texts may help us better understand the role of the psychic in our culture. The psychic finds himself between the Ba and human beings, he is truly in the middle, a medium, an intermediary who can communicate with the other world, that Other Side we shall experience sooner or later…

The task of the psychic as "one in the know"as "initiate" does not consist in revealing what cannot be told because we alone are responsible for the path we wish -or do not wish- to take. But with his help we may walk along a way he marked so we don't get lost. He is like a lighthouse in the storm around us and NOT the bell I ring at every small problem encountered!