Being in harmony: in tune with the Universe

       After a few decades spent on this job that is really an apostolate actually, what can I say?

I have been through several lifes, experiencing different situations that led me to be what I am today: a psychic.

This present life is certainly the richest I have ever lived. As far back in past lives as I can remember and through my different transmigrations, I have never touched the real essence of what we truly are and above all this partaking of both worlds as I do now.

        To understand what makes me somewhat different from my colleages, I must evoke this link with the Oneness, that "All" that gave me in this present life just as much happiness as sorrows until I understood that everything around uns is One: the Good and the Bad, White and Black, just like in a prism where all colors merge into one.

I met great psychics but we never mentioned that all-encompassing One.


        To understand my own itinerary, you should know that I helped people subjected to the worst addiction of all, worse than drugs, the addiction to psychics who maintain that they guide their clients, but in reallity subject them to a total control in their lives and choices by preventing them from thinking on their own. These clients lost a lot of money but also more than that.

I helped a few persons keep their houses, others I put back on the track that was duly theirs. I prevented a child from dying - but it came at a cost to myself. I also helped life to appear in women where it was no longer expected with the support of entities that materialized. I was blessed to transmit a gift to those who were supposed to receive it.

And there is more....

Never once did I doubt the Force that is in us and guides us. But I did entertain doubts about myself.

           W. helped me to accomplish what I have been prophesied back in 1995; thanks to this homepage and to you, I have enough time to give those in need, and to guide them with the help of their deceased. Understand that in each seance with a materialization, life comes back to this particular entity because to forget it would be like a second death.

This time I have, I also use it to set up a Center where the elements building it are in harmony with the energies we need - and thus we are in harmony with that Oneness surrounding us.

          I also tried to understand the word "reconnection". Does it mean linking up to the subtle matter? With the One? With the Universe? How can someone be disconnected when we are constantly living in that Oneness and with it? Can we maintain that a switched-off light is disconnected? Of course not! To get the current going again is very easy! In thruth nobody is disconnected from that Force, it is in us and we are in it. Of course instead of using the word "reconnection", I could say "quantum touch", a kind of replacement for speed-reiki reconnection, and there are other expressions available.

However things are simple and because of that, it is difficult to explain how they work. One single word can explain it all: HARMONY.


Harmony starts with an awakening in life, in our life, together with the fading away of appearances and the revelation of the true Self.

A few persons like shamans or psychics can do that: take you where you should be, reposition your inner center of gravity so that you realize how unique you are, help you find the inner vibration that is yours, the one vibration leading to the right tune. Let's imagine a divine concert where each

one of us belongs to that great partition, well that concert would be a true cacophony if our ear could hear it, because we are lost, constantly looking for the wrong thing, manipulated as we are by experts in communication and fake pictures.

        What is true indeed? It is impossible to believe what we see because what we see is often a fabrication designed to mislead our senses. So how do we find harmony again, how can we be in tune again, except through an awakening to the Essence of the Self?

We must find that spirit of Oneness again which we never left - we were never truly disconnected. We can negate it, we can forget it, but that Oneness never gives up, never forgets - in fact, to be disconnected means cutting that link with it, a link to the Other Side, not to say God.

Not far from where I live there is a chapel where I heard an organist playing once. His organ was connected, everything worked fine but he had to tune it so that everything would be just right, in perfect harmony with the place. Well, the same thing applies to us: it is all a question of being in tune with the One, in tune with the Self.


When I put my hands over yours, I can feel that current that flows, the hairs on my arms rise, I channel the information I need and then I know it: I am given the right tone!

Then the awakening must come. Realize who I am, express the wish to be part of that great musical score, that perfect celestial music where my senses are taken away because I am fine:



I am in Harmony, I am in tune with the Universe!