Welcome to our Pyramid-ion® Center!

  We are most happy to welcome you and we wish you a gratifying stay with us!

horus fils d'Isis et d'Osiris, mari d'Isis
Horus: he can be Ré-Horahkty, Horus of the horizon, which is the morning and the evening sun. His feature is a hawk headed sun of Amun-Ra.

    Two days workshop with Jacques, medium spirite:

    We invite you to experience a 2 days workshop with Jacques around the pyramids.       

Pyramid-ion® is conceived as a place to re-focus oneself, conduct experiments, share, to find oneself anew and leave off on the right foot again!

Our  Pyramid-ion® Center wants to invite individuals wishing to experiment the effects of the pyramidal energy during „better-being“ sessions.


Jacques’s role it to act as an intermediary between the thus transformed energies reflected back by the pyramid and the participants within.

People using their own magnetic force and those receiving it will feel deep changes when staying within the pyramid.



    About Pyramid-ion® Center:

   The pyramids will be oriented North/South.  Thanks to that orientation the  energy will be concentrated inside the pyramid. It is a fact that the proper location determines the quality of the energy circulating within. That energy can be amplified, or the pyramid functions as an accumulator, or again it can be made impervious to the external world.


 The purpose of the Pyramid-ion® project is to be intimately connected with the Essence. Focusing on Being instead of Appearing  gives us an inner better-being feeling and makes us stronger, better able to approach everyday’s traps in all serenity. That way, with little steps, one day at a time, we come nearer to our real purpose in life on this earth. Indeed, life has a meaning, to accomplish oneself by re-creating ourselves from within!

Scheduling 2017

Juli: 16-17 full!

August: 14-15

September: 9-10